Badrinath . A Complete Guide !

Food For Thought : I made a Trip to Badrinath on October 2020. It was a part of much needed break after Corona. First Wave ! Yeah. In this section of my blog I have tried to share my experience of Badrinath Yatra.


Where is Badrinath Located ?

Badrinath Dham is Located in Uttarakhand sate of India. Badrinath is considered as one of the Char Dham and is the most sacred place for Hindus. The Badrinath Temple is the main attraction in Badrinath and is considered to be the home of Lord Vishnu. It is located near the bank of Alaknanda River which later merges with the bhagirathi to form the Holy Ganga.

How to Reach Badrinath ?

The easiest and most economical way to reach is by road from Rishikesh . We decided to go there by our own car from Rishikesh . The journey was started at around 8 in the morning and we completed it at 6 pm in the evening . Thats around 10 hours of continues driving . But when you are going through such a beautiful roads 10 hours will pass in a wisker. We took a hault at Karnprayag for Lunch and several other haults in between to grap a sip of team and munch some snacks. And ofcourse selfies and vedios are always a very neccessary part of such trips and we need to take out time for them as well.

The below vedio contains all my road experiences . You should not miss the night tour of the temple which you will rarely find anywhere on the internet.


VLog contains the road trip experience from Rishikesh to Badrinath and also Badrinath City Night Tour

Best Time to Visit !

The best time to visit Badrinath is in October . The main temple opens up in the month of May. The month of May and June experiences the visit of people from all over the Country making the place very crowded. October is a month where we find ourselves standing and knowking at the doors of Winter. The place is less crowded as compared to other time and the darshan is satisfying. So I will highly recomend you to visit in October

Temperature ! What to wear !

In this pharagraph I will discuss about the Temperature and clothing for your Trip to Badrinath. So being One of the heigest points of India and the world the temperatures in Badrinath are always chilling and cold. Specially in the month of October it is below 0 at nght and even in early morning . To my surprise we were experiencing -4 in the morning at around 6 am. At night the situation was even worse where the mercu ry was falling below -8. The date hmmmm it was 27 October 2020.

I would highly recomed you to take warm clothes with you . Firstly your jacket/ inner secondly your warm gloves and most importantly winter cap. There things will be your saviour round the clock and will prevent you from freezing. However it is most important to have a desire and zeal to enjoy heights

Stay in Badrinath

In this pharagraph I will tell you where you can stay upon your arrival in the holy city . Firstly there are several hotels that are available in Badrinath Dham which you can book online or on arrival. If you are visiting in May or June I would recomend you to book them online. Secondly there are several lodges and dharamshalas that are available in walking distance from the temple which are cheap and economic. In conclusion the main market contains many hotels and restraunts that serve you with fresh food to please your hunger. However you can also order food and they will deliver it to your room .

Best Time for Badrinath Temple Darshan ?

The Badrinath Yatra is incomplete without the darshan in Badrinath Temple. The Temple opens at around 4 in the morning . If you want to have darshan in less crowd you can visit in the morning before 7 am. Also dont forget to visit the hot spring pools which are considered sacrad. Firstly you need to take a dip in the pool and seconly you have to go for the darshan. In conclution you can also visit the alaknanda Ghat . I have described everything in brief in my vedio . Have a look

Badrinath Darshan . Complete Guide


In the above article I have tried to give you a summary of all most of the important things in Badrinath. Firstly this is only through my experiences and secondly I have not copied it from anywere on the web. you can also visit my blogs for my trips to other parts of india . Detail Description you can find on my website Home Page . My best trip till date is to Om Banna Temple in Rajasthan

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