Somanath is the best Temple I have ever visited in my life time. In this article I will tell you all about the place and will try to give you my realtime experiences of the Place. I visited Somnath in January 2021 when I was traveling in Gujrat and was on my way from Dwarka to Somnath

Jai Somnath
Somnath Mahadev temple

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About Somnath

Somnath word means the Lord of Moon . Here Som means Moon and Nath means Lord. This is a famous town which is located in the Saurastra Region of Gujrat In India. It is Famous for the Somnath Manadev temple which is considered as the First Jyotirling of Shiva. Apart from the temple the city offers much more to the tourist . There are many other places of Mythological Importance , Museum, Beaches and many more.


The history of Somnath dates back to thousands of years ago. Even before Ramayana Era. This temple was constructed and distorted hundreds of time before the last time it was built by Sardar Patel after India attained independence.

It is believed that Somraj (the moon god) first built a temple in Somnath, made of gold; this was rebuilt by Ravana in silver, by Krishna in wood and by Bhimdev in stone. … The temple was again razed in 1297, 1394 and finally in 1706 by Aurangzeb, the Mughal ruler. A separate temple was constructed by Mira Bai Holkar near the original temple site and finally after India’s Independence where the current structure of the temple stands tall.

It is said that when the temple was built for the first time the shiv ling of the temple was in the air. It was a rare sight and as the yugs kept on changing the shivlinga slowly came down and today it rests in the earth.

Several Shiv Bhakts of the city including Muslims gave their life in the battle fought with Mohammad Gauri who looted the temple more than 100 times and took the treasure in army of camels and elephants


Somnath Vlog. Watch on Youtube Click Here

Things to Notice inside Somnath Temple

  • The temple has Z Plus Security Cover hence no phone, purse, mobile is allowed inside the temple.
  • You may deposit the purse and mobile phone in counter present inside or outside the temple
  • Before entering the temple you have to do registration and obtain slip from counter that is present just outside the temple. Free Service
  • There is approx 500 mt to 1km distance that you need to travel by foot from the gate to the main complex of the temple.
  • Dont forget to watch the somnath light and sound show which is a spectacular event and starts at 8 pm in evening.
  • Tickets can be purchased from inside the temple . There is a separate counter for that.
  • At the left side of the temple there is a globe . An arrow passes through the middle of globe in such an angle that you will not find any land in the direction of the arrow till the South pole. This is something very interesting to watch and observe.
Somnath temple Globe
Globe inside the temple

Important Places to Visit

  • Main Temple
  • Bhalka Teerth – Place where lord Krishna Died
  • Geeta Mandir
  • Pandav Gufa
  • Triveni Sangam
  • Sea Beach
  • Holkar Museum

How to Reach and Best Time To Visit

The Place is easily connected via Rail and Road. You can reach Somnath from Dwarika . This is a very interesting and Fascinating Route. Nearest Airport is Diu which is about 60km from the city and the nearest railway station is Somnth Railway station which has direct trains from Rajkot, Porbandar, Ahemdabad and Okha. It is well connected via road from any part of India.

Best Time to visit is in winter Season where you will find a pretty moderate climate. Perfect to explore places . The summers are quite warm and the rainy season is humid . The most popular month can be from November Last week till March First week of any year.


Somnath does not have many restaurants for great dining experiences There are some local joints and Dhabas in prominenet places in the city . Lassi, Buttermilk, Chaas, ice creams are popular and easily available.
Apart from this Gujrati snaks like  Dhokla, Khakra, Fafda, Sev, Khandvi and Khaman and sweets like Ghevar, Malpua, Shrikhand, Puran Poli are a must try.

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