Pushkar ! Only Bhrama Temple in the World

About Pushkar

Pushkar is located in the State of Rajasthan in India. It is the city which has the Only Bhrama Temple in the whole World. Bhrama Ji is the creator of the World in Hindu Religion. Many people from India and the world visit Pushkar every year to have a great time.

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How to Reach

  • Nearest Railway Station : Ajmer . Ajmer is well connected to train from all over India
  • Nearest Airport : Kishangarh . This airport is not so popular and you will require advance booking of flights if you want to reach there on planned date.
  • Nearest Bus Stand : Pushkar . Regular bus service to Puskar is available from Ajmer. The drive by road takes around 40 minutes by bus and 20 to 30 minutes by Car

History Of Pushkar

In this Paragraph I will tell you about the Histroy of Pushkar . One of the Priest near the lake told me regarding the history of the city which I want to share with all of you.

Bhrama Ji had a desire while giving shape to the Earth. He wanted to have a place which can be devoted to him, people can come there to worship and pray to him. He went to Shiv ji and Vishnu ji to discuss. Both the Lords advised him to go to heaven and drop flower from there, where ever the flower drops that place can be dedicated to Bhrama ji.

Bhrama ji dropped three lotus flowers from heaven. The place where they landed were named after bhrama ji. Pushp in Hindi means Flower and hence the name

The three places were

  • Bhrama Pushkar { The main city }
  • Vishnu Pushkar
  • Buda Pushkar

Pushkar VLOG

My Pushkar Vlog

Bhrama Sarovar ! The Pushkar Lake

In this Paragraph i will tell you regarding the Bhrama Sarovar. The lake is located in the City Centre and forms the major attraction of the town. Sarovar in hindi means lake. This place is devoted to Bhrama Ji so it gets it’s name Bhrama Sarovar.

The main ghat of the Bhrama Sarovar is the Bharama Saviti Ghat. This Ghat is the right place for performing prayers and giving respect to elders of the family who are no more. This ghat is located at the same place where Bhrama ji got married to Gayatri mata. The story is present in my VLOG please watch to have a look.


In this paragraph I will tell you how we got conned. This is an Interesting story. Firstly on our arrival in pushkar we went to the sarovar. (This is a tradition that before visiting the temple you must visit the lake). There we met a man who told us that he is from the local welfare society and will tell us all about the place. Initially he gave a very good introduction and we got interested.

After giving the introduction he told us to buy a plate of prashad.(Prashad is offering that we make to God in hindu relegion) . The plate costed us Rs 10. There comes the main part. We were 5 members from the same family and even after telling them the same thing they divided us in a three groups. The priest performed a very normal pooja and the end of all this tried emotionally blackmailed us to give dan (money in offering) which they will use to buy food for the spirits of our family elders who are in heaven.

The price rage was really high . I personally didn’t like this. My belief is that you should give according to your pocket and not according to a fixed price tag. Sadly Well this is the major concern in almost all major temples in India. Different Price list for Different kind of belief. Well now it was time to move towards the temple.

Bhrama Temple

The Temple is located at walking distance from the Lake . Bhrama Temple Pushkar is the only temple of Bhrama in the world. Bharma is also know as Jagat Pita . Jagat means Earth and Pita means Father thus the name Father or Creator of Earth . Things to keep are.

  • Timings – 5 am till 1 pm / 3 pm till 8 pm
  • No Photography and Video allowed inside
  • Lockers available just in-front of the main gate
  • Buy prashad from the locker stall only
  • You can keep your bags and essentials in the locker at nominal charges.
  • Don’t forget to have a look at the vedas kept inside the temple.

What to Eat and From Where ?

  • Pushkar Raj for khasta kachorisPrice: Rs 20 | Address: Near Maheshwari Dharamshala
  • Laxmi Mishtan Bhandar for malpuasPrice: Rs 20 per piece |Address: Gau Ghat, Main Market
  • Sanskar for Vaishno thaliPrice: Rs 50 for a thali | Address: Near Sikh Temple, Choti Basti
  • Sunset Café for coffee.Address: Parikrama Marg, Near Sun Set Point, Choti Basti, Pushkar Lake
  • Lala ji for parathasPrice: Rs 100 | Address: Main Market Road, close to Nagar Palika Ghat.
  • Laffa and Falafel for falafels – Middle Eastern Special | Price: Rs 80 to Rs 120 | Address: Main Market Rd, Choti Basti
  • Out of the blue for noodles and pancakesPrice: Coffees from Rs 80 to 100 |Address: Main Market Rd, Badi Basti



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