Om Banna and The Bullet Baba Temple

Om Banna Histroy

Om Banna was a resident of Pali town in Rajasthan. He is considered to be a blessed soul and is worshiped by people from Around the area. I have a passion for Bullet ( Royal Enfield Bike) . From the day I have bought my bike I had herd this story of the Bullet Baba Temple situated in the Pali town of Rajasthan. I was very excited to visit this place and recently I got a chance to go there

The Story of Om Banna

Day 1

As the Story goes Om Banna was on his way when his bike me with an accident and he unfortunately died on the spot. The local police was called in by passerby to report the case. The police came and as per normal operation procedure they ceased the bike and took it to the Pali Police station.

Day 2

The next day in morning the bike was found missing from the police station. Considering it to be an act of some thieves the police started searching for the bike. To everyones surprise the received a call from the locals again who informed them that the bike was at the same place where the accident took place. Isn’t it exciting already. Hold on.

Day 3 , Day 4, Day 5

The police got the bike bike again from the same place. The next day same thing happened. The bike was brought back each day to the police station and again as found on the same spot the next day. Tiered of this the Police tied it with chains, Emptied its petrol tank and locked it up. Any Guesses what happened ?????Next day the bike was again at the same spot.


Considering it to be an act of God and something supernatural the police decided to establish a temple of the bike and its owner Shri Om Banna and that place today is also know as the Bullet Baba Temple. It is believed that Om Banna today also helps people reach their destination if they are tired and deprived. Many people interracted with me said that these claims were true and they have been helped b un known sources to reach their destination.

All this has been documented and is preset with the Police on Record. If any one has any confusion then they are welcome to visit the Pali Police station to investigate the same.

How to Reach

By Train – Nearest Railway station – Jodhpur. I would prefer that you reach jodhpur first then proceed to Bullet baba Mandir via road .


If you are a true traveller you should never miss an opportunity to visit this beautiful place and feel the ambience of this place.

Om Banna, Bullet Baba Temple, Pali, Rajasthan
Om Banna. Bullet Baba temple, Pali, rajasthan
Om Banna. Bullet Baba Temple, Pali Rajasthan

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