Mana Village

About Mana Village

In this pharagraph I will tell you about Mana Village. The last village of India. It is located 5km from Badrinath and is near to the Indian border with Tibet. Mana Village is located near the bank of Saraswati River. The village is located at 3200 mt surrounded by beautiful Himalays. Have a look at my Vlog Below .

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Mana Village and Saraswati River VLog

How to Reach Mana

In this pharagraph I will tell you how can you visit Mana Village. The best way to reach Mana is by Road from Badrinath. It will take you 30 minutes ride by car to reach Mana Village . The Best time to visit Mana VIllage is firstly in the month of May and June and Secondly in the month of October and November.

To know how to visit Badrinath click here .

The Temeperature of Mana Village is always fereezing. At night time it will go down below 0. During the day it hardly crosses 10 degree. Dont forget to take your warm clothes along . To know more regaridng the type of clothes to take also go through my Blog on Badrinath.

Lifestyle of People and What is Famous ?

In this pharagraph I will tell you regading the life style of people and the famous places / things in Mana Village . The people in this village live in small cottages . I talked with several people out there and they told me that the village is uninhabited in the winters. Heavy snowfall of several feet forces the people to shift from Mana to Joshimath. Joshimath is situated around 30 km from Badrinath Towards Rishikesh.

Whats Famous ?

The Village is famous for many things like woolen garments and materials mostly made up of Sheep Whools. The prominent products are shawls, caps, muflers, asans, pankhis, carpets etc. In Conclusion this place is also famous for its potatoes and kidney beans.

Famous Attractions

In this Pharagraph I will tell you the Famous Attractions of Mana. The List of famous places is given below

  • Neelkanth Peak
  • Tapt Kund
  • Bheem Pul
  • Saraswati Bridge
  • Ganesh Gufa
  • Vasundhara
  • Vyas Gufa
  • Mana Pass

Famous Treks

In this section I will give you the list of famous treks of Mana .

  • Mana to Vasundhara : Distance from Badrinath is 9 km . Firstly this is a beautiful waterfall and secondly it is considered as the temporary stay point of the pandavas during their visit to heaven.
  • Mana to Mana Pass : Mana Pass is a route for the Army for trasportation of Goods and Rations to its troops in the border area. You will require a special permission from Got. of India to visit here. It is not open for normal public.
  • Mana to Satopath : Located at 4600 mt Satopath Tal trek starts from this village. It is one of the tougest trek in India. You will have to cross many moutain terrains to reach there. Please take along good boots ( on spare ) to have a comfortable trek.
Mana Village

The detailed information regarding Mana is also present in the Wikipedia Page


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