Kumbhalgarh ! The Highest Fort of Rajasthan

Food For Thought : This article tells you about Kumbhalgarh and also is in continuation of my Beautiful Experience from Road Trip to Rajasthan from Delhi. Do start the story from there it would be more interesting and connection for you 

Kumbhalgarh is the name of the highest fort of Rajasthan. The name of the city comes from the Fort itself. It is the birthplace of Maharana Pratap the mighty king of the Mewar region. Do you know that Kumbhalgarh has the second longest man made wall in the whole word after Great Wall of China. Isn’t it exciting ?

Kumbhalgarh Fort, Kumbalgarh

How to Reach

If you are on a Road trip From Delhi I will suggest you to stay back in Jaipur for a night and then continue your journey for Kumbhalgarh. It is a Seven Hours journey from Jaipur to Kumbhalgarh via Ajmer . This is a beautiful experience of the country side which offers a great view of the Aravalli Mountain Range.

Via Train or Air Plane

Nearest Railway station is Udaipur which is well connected to rest of India. Udaipur also has a well connected and upgraded Airport. On reaching Udaipur I will prefer you hire a taxi to Reach Kumbhalgarh which is a one hour Journey through Haldighati. If you want to save some money then you can also go via govt. Bus available from the Udiapur ISBT.

My Journey to Kumbhalgarh !

I travelled to Kumbhalgarh via The National Highway from Jaipur and believe me it is a butter ride. ha ha ha. We started at 11 am in morning. The road is as solid as it could be. It took seven hours for us to reach kumbhalgarh. I would advice you to have a heavy Breakfast as there are not much options available for Lunch. We took help from Google to find out the nearby Restaurants but out of 3 two were closed. Finally we took a bite at Beawar which is a well to do town and was the financial capital of the eastwardly Mewar Estate. Finally we reach Kumbhalgarh at 5pm in evening.

What to Do ?

Kumbhalgarh has many good resorts to stay at however low cost bag-packing options are also available. On reaching, we checked in at the Ramada Palace Resort.

Things to Do in Kumbhalgarh

  • The light Show at the Famous Kumbalgarh Fort in evening
  • Visit the Fort in Morning and Explore the corners of the giant Structure which has the second largest man made wall in the world and is also host to more than 100 temples build inside the complex.
  • The Jungle Safari

I will not spoil the fun by detailing my experience here . Just go there and explore. I am sure each one of you will come out with their own version of the place. It’s such Interesting. Seriously !

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