Jaisalmer : The Golden City of India .

Jaisalmer , the Golden City of India. Why ? Well if I try to explain it to you in words then it will not do justice to the beautiful city. You surely need to visit it once to feel the Gold around you.


Jaisalmer was a place under the Ocean thousands of years ago. The geological changes of the planet turned it into a dessert. The impressions of the sea shells on the sea stones are present on the stones of Temple walls in the city . Even the temples present inside the Fort also has impressions of sea stones on their rocks.

Jaisalmer Fort

Jaisalmer Fort is the only living fort that is present in the whole country. More than 200 families still live inside the fort and it is also the house of more than 300 small and big food joint, restaurant and hotels where you can enjoy the traditional Rajasthani cuisine.

How to Reach

Rail – Jaisalmer railway station is connected to Delhi. If you are coming from any other part of India then the base station can be Jodhpur which is the nearest big city to Jaisalmer.

Car – I visited there by road as a part of my Rajasthan Road Trip. You can visit Jaisalmer by Road from Bikaner or Jodhpur which ever comes in your priority list. You will enjoy the ride to this famous city where you will be cursing through the dessert and will be welcomes by the Thar Sand Dunes. The speciality of these sand dunes is that they keep on changing their position every day .

At Night Jaiselmer experiences high speed winds which blows away the sand and thus changes the shape of the dunes. You will also see wind mills in and around this area which are a source of electricity for majority of the town.

When To Visit

Best time to visit Jaisalmer is between October to March.

Places of visit in and around Jaisalmer

If you are on a one day trip you can go to

  • City Fort
  • SAM Sand Dunes (Visit for a night stay at the exotic tents)
  • Kuldhara Village
  • Gadisar Lake
  • Fossil Park

For detailed places to explore Jaisalmer you could refer to the following article from Holidify . This gives a detailed description of all the places.

Jaisalmer Dessert
Jaisalmar Dessert

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