Our Planing for Thailand Holiday began on 25th December 2019. My cousin a Merchant Navy Officer was on his ship uncertain about his return. 25th Morning he received a confirmation from his captain that he will be on way home by 10th March 2019. (None of us new that this date could be changed as well. Read on to hear the suspense) . 

So i will not stretch this a-lot and give you just two sites to plan your Thailand Trip for a perfect Thailand Vacation 

STEP 1: Book Cheap Thailand flight  to Phuket and not to Bangkok

Reason : 

  1. Direct flight to Phuket is always good as it saves your time of connecting flight at Bangkok. 
  2. Your Thailand Holiday should not be cut short by Two Hours due to  long queue for visa. To avoid these queue go to Phuket. 

Cheap Tickets available at : 

Our Flight ticket to Phuket booked in December for March trip costed us only 6000 rupees excluding tax. 

STEP 2 : Book Hotel in Phuket or in any other city .

Cheap hotels available at 

Price of Hotels in Thailand : Good hotels with swimming pool will cost you around 800 bhat per day .(sounds cheap right !)

These are the two primary things that you require to enter Thailand. Complete list is mentioned below 

List of this needed for Visa on arrival for Thailand you need 

  1. Your flight tickets to and return both.
  2. Hotel Booking in every city
  3. Visa form duly signed and photograph pasted (check the size of photo needed for visa. Different size photos are needed for different countries)
  4. Fill Arrival and Departure form that you will get in flight before landing
  5. Its good to have a travel insurance as it gives you security. 
  6.  20000 Bhat per person to show to the immigration officer. 

” So friends if you plan it on time you can have a good Thailand holiday by around 100000 Rs. This was all about the plan and Home page. Do visit the navigation bar to know more about the cities and what they have to offer” 

Have a great Thailand Holiday 2019 . 

Thank you. ขอบคุณ (K̄hxbkhuṇ) 🙂

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