Haldighati Battle & Haldighati. The Pride of Rajputs

Haldighati is the famous Place where Haldighati battle was fought between the Emperor Akbar and Maharana Pratap. It is one of the most fierce battle in the history of India. On one side was Maharana Pratap with his small army of local tribes and few loyalists and on the other side we had The mighty army of Akbar which was represented by the King of Jaipur. You may have a look at the video below to know deeper about the story.

Haldighati Overview . Courtesy haldighati.com

Why Haldighati ? (Do you know The name does not come from Haldighati Battle)

Besides from Haldighati Battle the place is also famous for the name? Do you know how haldighati got its name? Haldi means turmeric in Hindi and Ghati means Valley. The rocks and mud of haldighati are yellow in colour just like turmeric and this places is a valley surrounded by the Arravali Hills hence the Name Haldi Ghati.

How To Reach ?

You can reach haldighati from either going to Kumbhalghar from Udaipur or Vise versa. It is preferable to go there by your own transport as usually busses don’t go there and if at all they go there they don’t hault.

Famous Places in Haldighati

  • The Haldighati Museum
  • The Maharana Pratap Memorial
  • Rakth Talai
  • Bagshahi
  • Chetak Memorial

What to Buy ?

Haldi ghati is famous most importantly for its rose plantation and squash . You can buy homemade juices and squash from there which are cheap and delicious at the same time. I bought some from this shop here . The owner was a lady and was very helpful. Gave us full details regarding the available items and their uses.

Juice shop at Haldighati

What Next ?

Enjoy your lunch at the haldighati museum and follow your itinerary . There is not much to do here. Just feel the positivity of the place and rejoice the history . Feel proud that you are in the place of the Great Maharana Pratap of Mewar.

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