Dwarika is an ancient city which is located in the Western Most point of India . You can say that it is present in the tip of The Saurashtra Peninsula located in Gujarat State of India. Dwarka has a very significant importance in the Hindu Religion as the only city which is an integral part of both the Char Dham and Sapta Puries in the Hindu Religion. Where Char Dam are the four holy places Sapta Puries are the seven holy cities .

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Char Dham

Char Dham are Four Principle Holy Places of Hindu Religion. They are :

Sapta Puri

Sapta Puri are Seven Holy Cities in Hindu Religion. It is believed that the people visiting these places attain Moksha (the end of the death and rebirth cycle) . They are

  • Dwarka in Gujrat
  • Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh
  • Mathura in Uttar Pradesh
  • Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu
  • Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh
  • Haridwar in Uttarakhand
  • Kashi (Varanasi) in Uttarpradesh.

Apart from this Dwarika also has the Nageshwar mahadev Jotirlinga which is one of the 12 jyotirling of Lord Shiva. Having such important places of Hindu Religion Dwarka hold and enjoys an important places in the hearts of Devotees and is crowded with thousands of people all year round.

Jagat Mandir Dwarika

Dwarika History

Dwarika is said to be a holy city built by Lord Krishna, thus it is also referred to as Krishna Dwarka . It was believed that the city was engulfed by the Sea thousands of years ago. The remains of the Dwarka underwater city were discovered by explorers recently.

As per the mythological tale Krishna Played an important role in defeating the Kaurava in Mahabharata. Gandhari the mother of Kaurava had cursed Krishna. The curse was that like Krishna had killed Kauravas due through deceit the same way he will be killed and his famous city Dwarika will be submerged under water. Krishna though was GOD yet had promised Gandhari that he will honour her curse and will be killed the same way as said by her.

Apart from the Hindu mythical transcripts about Dwarika being the land of Lord Krishna, history holds records of archaeological evidences from the 1400s. The present-day Dwarkadhish temple was built during the 1500s. The Dawrka Temple is the great example of modern architecture .

Culture of Dwarika

The Culture of Dwaraka is so rich and spectacular that you will be amazed with its beauty. Dwarka Temple Being at the centre of the Hindu religion almost all hindu festivals are celebrated here. The major festival celebrated in Dwarika is the Krishna Janmastami which is the birthday of Lord Krishna. Apart from this other prominent festivals celebrated are Diwali, Holi and Dussehra.

Be Careful in Dwarka ! Things to Pay Attention to !

  • On entering Dwarika you will see group of many people following you and asking you regarding your cast . Like Which Bhramin and from where.
  • They will tell you that they will take you to the priest who will perform special pooja for you
  • You can go with them if you feel like but if you are new to the place I would like to tell you that the temple is open and the darshan are really easy to do. There is not such rush and you can comfortably praise the lord there.
  • This will save both your time and money and vise versa. Catch the hint !

Best Time to visit Dwaraka

The best time to visit Dwarka desh is from November to March as the temperature is moderate and perfect. If you want to visit dwarka nagari during krishna Janmastami you can come in the month of August . Just confirm the date of Krishna Janmastami in the Hindu calendar.



Famous Temples and Places in Dwarka

Following is the list of famous Temples and Places in Dwarka

Restaurants and Food in Dwaraka

There aren’t many lavish restaurants in Dwarka. However, the ones that it houses serve delicious Gujarati, North-Indian and Chinese food. An elaborate Gujarati thali is a must, while here. Roti, Dal or Kadhi, Rice and Vegetable Curries make up this mouth-watering platter. You can also try out the famous Khichdi . Other than these, do try out the popular Gujarati snacks such as Khamman Dhokla, Khandvi, Thepala, Khakhra, Hahdwoh as well as the widespread and refreshing Lassi, Buttermilk and Chaas.

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