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Statue of Unity

In this article I will give you complete details regarding the Statue of Unity . I visited the World’s tallest Statue in January 2021 on my way back from Somnath . This place is really amazing and has so much to offer. A must visit place once in a life time.

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Somnath word means the Lord of Moon . Here Som means Moon and Nath means Lord. This is a famous town which is located in the Saurastra Region of Gujrat In India. It is Famous for the Somnath Manadev temple which is considered as the First Jyotirling of Shiva. Apart from the temple the city offers much more to the tourist . There are many other places of Mythological Importance , Museum, Beaches and many more.

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Bet Dwarka

About Bet Dwarka Beyt Dwarka is a small town with in located 30 km from Main Dwarka city near Okha in Gujrat (dwarka to bet dwarka distance) . The exact location on map is...

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Dwarika is a famous place in Hindu religion . I have explained every thing in detail.

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Bhuj is a head quater of Kutch and is located in the Gujrat state of India. In this article I have explained to you all about BHuj.

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Raan Utsav – The Tent City of India

This blog I have described about Raan Utsav . This is a festival which is celebrated in the Raan of Kutch . The name of the village is Dhordho and it is located in Kutch region of Gujrat. The area is also known as the White Dessert of India.

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Kumbhalgarh ! The Highest Fort of Rajasthan

Food For Thought : This article tells you about Kumbhalgarh and also is in continuation of my Beautiful Experience from Road Trip to Rajasthan from Delhi. Do start the story from there it would be more...