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About Bet Dwarka

Beyt Dwarka is a small town with in located 30 km from Main Dwarka city near Okha in Gujrat (dwarka to bet dwarka distance) . The exact location on map is at the mouth of Gulf or Kutch. Looking at the city it was not a surprise to establish the fact that it was once the main port city of Gujrat. The city is famous for it’s white sandy beaches, marine activities, dolphins, bet dwarka underwater exploration and fery ride. Apart from this it also has a mythological significance which I will discuss further in the article.


Mythological Significance and History of Bet Dwarka

There are two stories behind the name of the Place. The first story states that since the place is an island and island in local Gujrati language is known as Bet hence the name Beyt Dwarka. According to the second story which you may relate to is about the friendship of Krishna and Sudama. It is the same place where Sudama gifted rice to Krishna. Since gift in Hindi is called beyt hence the name Bet Dwarka also known as Beyt Dwarka

This history is backed by recent findings of sculptures, walls, fishing hooks, ship wreck, anchor and other materials which dates back to the Harappa era. Even the bet dwarka temple is dated back to 1500 BC and is considered as the exact place where Lord Krishna Lived. While Dwarka was his Office Bed Dwarka was his home.

Bet Dwarka Video

Bet Dwarka Video

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Places to Visit

There are manly two Places to visit in Beyt Dwarka

  • Shree Keshavraj Ji Temple : This is the main beyt dwarka temple and is considered as the exact place where Krishna used to live. The architecture of the temple is thousands of years old. The main idol of Krishna is made of gold and is believed to be installed by devi rukmani herself.
  • Hanuman Dandi : Another major place of significance is the Hanuman Dandi. This is a temple dedicated to lord Hanuman and his son Makardhwaj. This is located at the top most point of the island. It is believed that a drop from lord hanuman sweat landed in the ocean and was eaten by a fish which later gave birth to the son of lord hanuman named as makardwaj.
  • Other activities include marine exploration , dolphin spotting , fishing, beyt dwarka beach etc.

Important tips to Save Time and Money

  • Reach from dwarka to bet dwarka before 9:30 am so that you can reach the ferry station on time.
  • Bet dwarka temple darshan timings : The temple closes at 12 pm and opens at 4 pm so manage your time accordingly
  • There are no proper hotels in city so please take your food with you or wait patiently in prasadalay for your turn
  • No photography or videography is allowed in the temple. All items to be deposited in govt counter outside temple with nominal charges.
  • Auto Service at nominal charges is available from out side temple to hanuman dandi.

Best Time to visit

The best time to visit is in the winters probably between the months of November to February. During the summers its really hot and the monsoons are really humid. Also if you are from north India you can give winters a miss and can come down to gujrat . The temperature of whole Gujrat is super fine in winters so plan accordingly.

How to Reach

It takes around 1.5 hours to reach the city from Dwarka. After reaching Okha prominent ferry service is also available which is a 5 km ride to the main island. Okha is however also well connected to train and there are many trains to Okha from all around the country. You can also reach Ahmedabad and catch a train from there .

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