About Me

Hi . I am Mainak Uprety. “A Traveller”. I have travelled all across India most importantly the small towns and villages. In this website I have tried to share with you my outreach of the places that I have touched. Well it is not so simple as I am part of the most messed up corporate life in India. India is a country of neck to neck competition when you talk about Jobs and Opportunities. But the wise man once said that you should have a passion for what you do or I put it in my words. ” You should only do the thing that you are passionate about” . Yes I am a passionate Traveller ! Let’s do it !

What Excited Me to become a Traveller ?

This story dates back to 2010. The phase when you are graduated from your college and start earning your bread and butter. I was placed with TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES as a network Engineer but that was not exciting for me. Same old Desk Job. Boring up and down time of servers. I left that job and joined a small organisation which gave me an opportunity to visit different colleges and universities as part of my job role as an Education and Career Counsellor ! From there I discovered that Travelling is what excites me.

The Idea behind the Blog

My idea behind the blog was Neil Patel . Yes ! One of his videos inspired me to write . According to him writing is the best way to connect to people and also make some money. Yes MONEY. We all love it. Don’t we ? Then why shy off? He said that you should start writing on the topic in which people take your advice. Let me tell you almost all of my friends here and there do ask me once before planning a trip . Traveller is what I am and here I want to express it without any limitations ! I started with Thailand and I will continue till eternity

What to Expect Here ?

Have you ever said to yourself one of the following:

Where to Go ? How To Go ? What to Eat ? How to Save Money ? How to make memories in short time ?

You are not alone. Over the past eleven years, I’ve helped millions of people answer those questions and travel more for less with time tested and proven tips and advice. By using this website, you can spend less time searching the Internet and being overwhelmed with information and more time doing the one thing you want to do: travel more.